Engagement in an ancient garden

How many cities in the world may offer you an ancient garden for your engagement shooting?

Only a few I guess and Florence is amongst them.

Boboli Garden is a rare gem that offers a different view on Florence and has a great range of trees, plants, fountains, statues and arts.

It used to be the king’s garden when Florence was the capital of Italy about 150 years ago and before that it was one of the most beautiful place of my beloved city (some history here).


Consuelo and Alberto are a couple that hired me for their wedding (it will be an amazing one, ceremony in Basilica di San Lorenzo and reception at Vincigliata Castle ) and choose also the engagement service.

We talked about the planning and we all agreed to shot in Boboli, a garden I cherish a lot since that’s where spent most of my time as a child.

The light was a challenge but I think we nailed it again !


here’s the pictures



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