Monthly Archives: April 2023

Elopement on Lake Como

I’ve shot so many weddings in the last 9 years, however there are certain experiences that stand out and one such experience was an elopement that I recently had the pleasure of photographing in Lake Como. It was an intimate wedding, with just the couple, the celebrant, the wedding planner,…

Engagement shooting in London, UK

I really do love traveling, as most of us do, so when I had the chance to shoot this engagement in London I was more than happy to add another day just to visit London again (and watch another performance of The Phantom of the Opera, my favourite musical ever)….


WEDDING AT BUCCELLETTI, TUSCANY At the end of last summer I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of a beautiful and sweet German couple in the stunning venue of Buccelletti (Tuscany). The ceremony took place on a sunny summer day in a picturesque garden near the graevepines and the atmosphere…

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