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Romantic Engagement on the Tuscan Coast: A Photographer’s Tale

The Tuscan coast is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque beaches, and romantic sunsets that paint the sky in hues of orange and pink. Between mountains and the blue sea lies the perfect setting for an unforgettable engagement. Last summer I had the pleasure of capturing such a momentous occasion…

Capturing Love by the Sea: The Importance of Engagement Shoots

Engagement photoshoots are more than just an opportunity to capture stunning photographs of a beautiful couple against scenic backdrops—they are a chance to forge a connection, to break the ice and to lay the foundation for an unforgettable wedding day. Recently, I had the pleasure of embarking on an engagement…

Engagement in Porto Venere, Italy

We are so lucky in Italy, we have so many dreamy places like Tuscany, Amalfi, Lake Como and Cinque Terre, beautiful places you have to visit once in your life. Just imagine doing that with the person you love the most and having a professional photographer creating memories for you….

Engagement shooting in London, UK

I really do love traveling, as most of us do, so when I had the chance to shoot this engagement in London I was more than happy to add another day just to visit London again (and watch another performance of The Phantom of the Opera, my favourite musical ever)….

Engagement shooting in Val d’Orcia, Tuscany

If you’re looking for a romantic and picturesque location for your engagement shoot, look no further than the stunning Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, Italy. This breathtakingly beautiful valley is home to rolling hills, sunflower fields, and ancient olive groves, all surrounded by picturesque towns and villages that offer endless opportunities…

“A Romantic Engagement Photoshoot in Florence: Capturing Love in the Heart of Tuscany”

Florence is a timeless city steeped in art, history, and romance and for couples who are looking to capture the essence of their love in a stunning and unforgettable way, there is no better place to have an engagement photoshoot than in the birthplace of the Renaissance. Giardino Bardini is…

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