Engagement shooting in London, UK

I really do love traveling, as most of us do, so when I had the chance to shoot this engagement in London I was more than happy to add another day just to visit London again (and watch another performance of The Phantom of the Opera, my favourite musical ever).

The day started with a beautiful and warm sun and I tought “oooooh what a beautiful day for a shooting” while I was walking amongst west end and Buckingham Palace

well, then the weather remembered we were in England so it tuned out like this

but… in the end what can you do ? you just go with the flow and adapt to the situation, I think it’s what my job as wedding/engagement photographer is about most of the times

I have to say I was very proud to have been chosen by this couple since they work in video/photography industry and I was glad I could meet them in person ahead of their special day, we had the chance to talk, to get to know each other better and to shoot the following pictures.

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I always say that an engagement shooting is the best way to get to know each other while we shoot some great memories and I am planning to travel more and more so, if you’re interested just drop me an email to info@matteo-innocenti.com


WEDDING SEASON STARTS TOMORROW !!! I’m ready and can’t wait to show you my next works

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