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I am Matteo, an award-winning wedding photographer from Florence, Tuscany.

I never thought I'd become a professional wedding photographer, I have always been more into portrait and fashion photography until I had the chance to help a friend of they say it was love at first sight!

I love meeting the couples and getting to know them to be able to deliver my best pictures of your special day. I think that working with happy people is a great gift and that’s why I will not bore you with posed shots and static pictures, I do believe in spontaneous shots even during the couple session and I will try to be as most invisible as I can during the wedding day even if I will be there for you for anything you may need.

I would say I am a stress free photographer and I work with a smile all day long since it's my job but also my greatest passion, I promise we will have fun working together!

I am a Tuscany specialist but I also travel worldwide so let’s not be limited by any border! just send me an e-mail with all the details so I can quote you travel expenses.

I have just been nominated as one of the 30 RISING STAR of wedding photography, a worldwide award that will keep pushing me to do better and better and I’m also a SELECTED PHOTOGRAPHER - A.N.F.M. (National wedding photographer association) and you can also follow me on my Facebook fanpage  and on Instagram 

If you like the way I work just contact me to check if I am available for your wedding !





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If you would like to know if I am available for you special day, if you need my pricing list or if you are a wedding planner / supplier looking for a collaboration just send me an email to or use the form.

You may also give me a call at +39 339 8899187 or send a whatsapp message and I will reply as soon as possible!

We can also schedule a meeting at my studio (MIPstudio)

Matteo Innocenti Photography

Via Volterrana Nord 76L

50025 Montespertoli (FI)


Ciao from Tuscany !