What to do if it rains on your wedding day?

Wedding day under the rain may be a problem. Or not.


Well, at least for your wedding pictures you won’t have to worry if I will be your wedding photographer,

not because I am a wizard and will stop rain but just because I like to improvise and find new ways to shoot.

You do not need a fancy castle or a magical villa to have some nice wedding pictures, I always say that I just need a happy couple and a good light.


Yesterday I had a similar situation since I got booked for an engagement shooting at Villa di Artimino (Villa La Ferdinanda) but we had to face rain, cold and wind. No problem !

I took some shot while the raing stopped then we run for cover in the Villa.

I just looked for some nice windows and looked for my favourite light then I just asked the couple to follow me and we shot these pictures.

I know, you have to liked this mood (I personally love it) so…….. beautiful brides don’t get worried about the forecast on your wedding day, we can always find a solution for the shooting !




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