A winter engagement in Switzerland

Working abroad and become an international wedding photographer

That was one of my goal when I started my career of wedding photographer, well…. I reached this goal too!


I just came back from a 2 days engagement in Switzerland, between the mountain in Davos and the beautiful Zurich,

it was one of my most amazing experience as a wedding and portrait photographer since it was the first time that I got

hired to work abroad and also because working in a new environment with different views, landscape and people is something

that I was dreaming of.


Nina and Manuel picked me up at Flughafen airport and then we headed to the snowy Davos, we stopped for a coffe just outside the city and I asked them to have a couple of pictures there since the location was amazing and so different from what I am used to (you know…..snowy mountains on a lake Vs. Chianti hills) .

While on Davos we had some snowflakes keeping us company while we shot on the snow then, after a small walk and some pictures we headed back home where I was so pleased to taste the original Raclette … loved it.

The next day we went to Zurich and I had a lot of fun since a new city will always offer me new spots and ideas, I think you can see from the pictures that I was having fun.


I came back to Italy with a lot of good pictures but, mostly, with a lot of good memories.

Guys I am ready for your dreamy wedding in Tuscany but I loved being in Switzerland for the engagement shooting!


For anyone looking to hire me from abroad just send me an e-mail to info@matteo-innocenti.com (or use the green whatsapp plugin for a more direct contact),

it’s not as expensive as you might think 😉


no more words, just pictures!



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