Romantic engagement in Florence, Tuscany

Engagement photography has become really popular lately, and Florence, Tuscany is a very popular destination for couples who want to capture their special moment in a beautiful, romantic setting.

Being myself an engagement and wedding photographer based in Florence who specializes in capturing couples’ special moments in a unique and creative way I have been photographing engagements and weddings in Florence for over a decade.

I developed a style of photography that captures the emotion and beauty of the moment, allowing the couple to be fully present in the moment. I believes that engagement photos should be unique and special, and that the photos should reflect the couple’s individual personalities. In addition to capturing the beauty of the city I also focus on the couple’s interactions with each other.

I looks for natural photography with no poses but focusing on gestures and expressions that capture the couple’s connection and intimacy. I also works to capture the couple’s unique style and personalities and I do that with each couple to ensure that the photos reflect their unique personalities and the setting. I have extensive experience with shooting in Florence and I’m familiar with the best locations for capturing the perfect shot.

That’s why Anisha and Henry asked me to arrange their engagement shooting in the city and I was so glad about it!

here’s a few pictures from their engagement shooting in Florence

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