Winter trash the dress in Tuscany

Trash the dress, also known as fearless bridal or rock the frock, is a type of wedding photography session in which the bride wears her wedding dress in a non-traditional setting, such as a totally different location compared to the wedding one, a body of water, or in this case, Tuscany seaside in the winter.

The idea behind trash the dress is to create unique and memorable images that capture the bride in a different light, often in a setting that is the opposite of the traditional wedding setting in order to have so many more pictures in such a special dress and mood.

If you’re considering a trash the dress shooting in Tuscany in the winter, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll need to consider the weather and the potential for cold temperatures. You may need to bring warm clothing and blankets to feel and it would be very important to work with a photographer who is experienced in shooting in Tuscany and who is comfortable with the trash the dress style of photography.

well, that’s me 🙂

Valentina and Marco got married on new year’s eve in the afternoon so it was a wedding by night with no chances for sunlight and romantic sunsets, I had to work with artificial lights and that’s something I am used to but I do not like that much at weddings

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So, knewing about a night wedding, they asked to arrange a few days later a trash the dress shooting and they choose the south Tuscany coast, a place they love for turism.

It was a cool day but the light was amazing so we had the chance to shoot a lot of good pictures, it was a good start for the 2022 wedding season !

here’s a few pictures from the shooting:

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