Engagement under the beautiful light of Tuscany

As a professional wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of shooting countless engagements in some of the most beautiful locations around country and abroad butthe place that never fails to take my breath away is home,Tuscany, with its rolling hills, charming villages, cities full of art and breathtaking views.

One of my favorite engagement sessions to date took place in Castentino, Tuscany when I had the opportunity to capture the love of Martina and Marco in the warm glow of the Tuscan sun.

As you can see from the pictures they were not alone, they brought their beloved dog that acted like a star in front of the camera !

And as the sun began to set, we took advantage of the warm, golden light of the late afternoon, creating some truly magical photos that truly captured the spirit of their love., I was really happy about the outcome

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience, and one that I will always cherish as a professional wedding photographer. The beauty of Tuscany, combined with the love and joy of the couple, made for a truly special engagement session that I will always remember.

here’s a small selection of pictures from the engagement shooting, I hope you like them!

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