Sunset engagement at seaside in Tuscany

What can you do when a couple has postponed their wedding to 2021? you can start with the engagement !

Chiara & Alessandro should have had their ceremony on 27/6 but they decided to move to 2021 due to the Covid19 situation, as most of the couples did, but they were really cool about it and I really love their attitude.

They definitely are one of the couples I had great feelings from the start, from the first email to the meeting we had, I really appreciate their trust in me so I was really happy to have the chance to do a sunset seaside engagement in Tuscany with them.

We started in a sunny but cold afternoon with a strong harsh light but, honestly, I felt from the start that it would have been easy to work with them, Chiara knows all my shots, knows what I like to shot and how I like to shot and she was really passionate about this shooting, I loved that!

After some rocks and beach shots I asked them if they were ready to dive into the cold water and they still were happy to do that so…. we ended up with the light I had in mind (just after sunset), with the mood I promised them and they were just beautiful.

The end of the shooting day was in front of a really good pizza so I could say this was almost the perfect engagement day 🙂

here’s a small selection of pictures from their engagement in Tuscany

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