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Beauty, Lights and a little bit of Sci-Fi mood. Studio portrait session.

Not a wedding. definitely not a wedding this time 🙂   I wanted to try a couple of new tricks with lights so I asked my beautiful friend Costanza to join me for a couple of hours at my studio and we came out with these images, I hope you like them as much as we enjoyed having them!  

a quick and improvised portrait session at my Studio

February, time to try something new, buying new toys for my work and mostly time to have some fun in relax. 2 days ago I received my new beauty dish and I wanted to try some quick portrait so I called my friend Vidhya to check if she was available for a 30 minutes session and she even brought a friend so we ended having good time and trying some different things.   this is the result,…

First shooting after the full switch to Sony

After being a Nikon guys for years in august I fully switched to Sony and I didn’t want to shoot a wedding without trying properly all my new gear. What’s better than a shooting in one of my most loved locations with a beautiful girl named Costanza ? I shot with a couple of Sony A7 III, sigma 35 art and zeiss batis 85mm and I could not be happier about the result, even if this was…

A new portrait session in Montespertoli

Hello guys   today I wanna show you my last portrait session shot around Montespertoli area, I used my actual professional gear and an “ancient” camera from 2005 with a cheap 50mm on it. can you spot the ones shot with the old gear ? a lot of colleagues have failed this test 🙂   here’s to you the beautiful Ginevra