A new shooting at MIPstudio

As you might have read in previous posts in late February Fujifilm USA gave me one of their medium format camera (GFX50s) and I was really looking forward to try that camera on a professional assignment since the lockdown stopped everything.

Now that we are back to business I had the chance to try that camera during a studio portrait session with the lovely Marta, I only used the GF50mm 3.5 since I am waiting to receive the 110mm too so I decided to shoot half body shots and eventually crop a little bit.

Well it’s not enough to say that I am pleased by the quality, I am astonished by that! it’s an incredible system if you are looking for quality in your portrait.

We also tried to shoot a different picture going outside from the background and using the TV as a prop (with a random background that I had painted a few seconds before the shot), I think it worked !

This was also the first time I shot with continuous LED studio lights (one bare as rim and the main light with a beauty dish and no grid), I really enjoied using these lights since it’s easier, quicker and more fun than strobes. Of course you cannot have the same output but I shot at 1/200 f3.5 iso 100 so there’s plenty of power if you are not going to shot f8 or f11

here’s a small selection of the pictures, I hope you like them!

and a couple of backstage, one with continous light and one with a v1 Godox speedlite with a Kobra Flash Modifier on

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