Commercial work for LEONE 1947, a campaign full of champions

I do love boxing and I think you know I work at the best events here in Italy and Spain being OPI and Matchroom Boxing official photographer.

During the last years I had the pleasure to meet lots of champion and great boxers and I am more than happy to confirm that all the stereotypes and s#@t about the boxing world are wrong. I met a lot of new friends and I am very glad I stepped in this world.

Of course, as I always do, I have the ambition to reach the top of any world I step in and boxing/combat sports was no different, I wanted work in the best events and with the best companies.

Well I am very happy I could do both, I think I brought something new in boxing photography (cinematic look and being able to cover the whole event from reportage to portraits, from light services for dazn to actual boxing action shot).

I was missing working with a top brand so you can imagine how happy I was when Leone1947 asked me to be their photographer for the upcoming campaigns.

I met Leone’s team in 2019 and I really appreciated working with them, the first time we did something more “classic”since we had to know each other but from then I almost had a blank sheet and I love the freedom the give me about the mood and shots.

This shooting was done for 2021 catalogue and all the social and marketing campaigns, we had 7 locations, we created about 70 sets and we worked with about 15 athletes such as MMA world champion Chiara Penco, Boxing European Champion Luca Rigoldi, Micole di Segni, the Nmomah brothers, Ivan Zucco, Matteo Rondena, Silvia La Notte and a lot more.

it was very hard to keep up with the schedule and, thanks to the help from Marco, Gaia and Gian from Leone and Alessio as assistant we could make it, I took 2 days off to recover but it was totally worth it.

this is just a small selections from the tons of pictures we shot those 3 days, I shot other 4 campaigns and I can’t wait to have the green light to show them (even if you can see my pictures on their website, on the walls, in the subways etc etc)

thanks !

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