A romantic escape with a Ferrari (Tuscany Wedding)

Have you ever heard the sound of a Ferrari engine live? that’s a sound you can recognize amongst thousands.

Imagine my surprise (being a wedding photographer and an amateur racing driver) while I was waiting at the church for the bride to arrive.

it was touching ceremony and I knew the church from a previous wedding, it helped to get the right light when they walked down the aisle (it’s a tricky church for lighting)

I really appreciated this wedding, it was a mix of intimate but glamourous event since, after the ceremony, we had a nice ride in the beautiful and glooming Tuscany countryside, me and my buddy Fabio (the videomaker) on my station wagon and the couple in a flaming red Ferrari (the groom is a vintage car race driver so it was fun to see him drifting safely).

They had a great chemistry and I hope I was able to show that in my pictures, they were a joy to work with and the party was great too. Lots of dancing and dancing and dancing and dancing.

Here’s a small selection of pictures from the wedding day


fun story, there was a bike rider that wanted to show off a litte bit for the couple, he wanted to make a wheelie but he felt down on his back. I could not stop laughing after I checked if he was ok (and he was).

Location: private house

Videomaker: Juniper Video (Fabio Bertiè) https://juniperweddings.it/

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