Love, Lights and Kisses in Las Vegas [photoshoot on Fremont street]

What’s the best way for a photographer to explore a new place? I think it’s shooting pictures and so I had the chance to meet Amanda & Kyle and to shoot some pictures with them on the old Las Vegas strip, Fremont Street.

Coming from the old continent I was amazed everywhere in Las Vegas, it’s very different from my beloved Florence in so many ways but I have to admit that it’s one of its kind.

After 3 days spent at WPPI mentoring, having Q&A live sessions at Rangefinder Magazine’s booth, talking to people, having meetings with brands and companies I wanted to have a couple of free days just to enjoy the city so I walked miles and miles along the strip and then I went scouting on Fremont Street (the first Las Vegas strip) since I thought that I would have loved shooting in such a peculiar place.

And so I did.

It was very fun and different from what I am used to since I think most people knows me for my use of natural light at weddings but I wanted to challenge myself shooting in a new environment with new techniques (at least for couple shootings). I shot most of the pictures with a Sony A7III, a Zeiss 35mm 1.4 (wide open) and a triggered Godox V1 off camera with my brand new Kobra Flash Modifier (Except the last 3 pictures)


Let me talk you for a second about the flash modifier since I appreciated it a lot:

it’s very quick and easy to use, it’s silicon made so you can fold it easily in your bag or even in a pocket (like I did) and the light won’t spread everywhere, you can keep it very directional and for me this is a must.

I met them at WPPI booth and I loved the product and their enthusiasm so we connected easily and I could have my first shooting with Kobra Flash Modifier later that night.

When used on your flash (if you are on TTL) just remember to add +2 as compensation since diffusing and bouncing will cut about 2 stops but that’s more than ok since you can get very natural results if you want.

by the way this is their link so you can find all the informations you might need there (fyi I have 2 full kits with modifiers, roundhead bands and dedicated gels)


no more talks, here’s the pictures!


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