Using Colbor Led lights for portrait photography

I’ve always been curious about LED lights, I started using them at weddings during first dance or when the couple is cutting the cake but it was a very basic and simple use of that tool, it was just easier for me and the videomaker to have the same light so I stopped using flashes.

I really started using led lights with bowens mount in 2020 and it all started with a campaign for Leone1947, I had tons of people, tons of mini-sets and I had to be very quick to be able to do everything in less than 2 days.

My first choice was LED lights since it would have been easier for me and for the customer to shoot without having to imagine the shot after the flash beam hit the subject, it was already there and that really was speeding me up.

kept doing studio portraits and working with various LED lights but I have to admin I was not happy about the light quality and the colors, they all looked washed to me.

Until I met Colbor.

I bought a CL220 light to use it when I was Director of Photography for a small commercial in Milan (I had to take care of lighting too) and I was curious about it since I read so many good reviews, I just put an old film camera as a test subject on a stool and I switched the light on.

Well, it was already impressive to me and I simply took a picture with my iPhone, it looked gorgeous in terms of light quality and colors.

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So, even before using that on set I bought a second one and started using them.

Colbor was so kind to send me also a CL220R, 2 V mount batteries and adapter (so I can use them with no limits) and a cool fan to use to move the hair during photoshoots, I really appreciate this new setup and I use that during my masterclasses for ANFM about led portraits (I just came back, I’ll write something about it, it was crazy !)

Lots of people asked me about them since they really appreciated the light quality, they way they are built, the power (220w with any color temperature, 100w in RGB) and I was more than happy to let them know and show what they are capable of.

here’s just a few samples that I took whit this setup, I really love how easy it is to use them, to mix them with colors and even flashes, it really speed me up and give me so much quality:

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What can I say except that I am really happy I found Colbor since it finally gave me the tool I was needing to be quick, accurate and with the same light quality I had when I was shooting with flashes?

In case you want any suggestion or if you want to talk about these lights just drop me an email to, otherwise if you want to try them during a one-to-one lesson you can book it from HERE


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