Portraits and Adrenaline

I am not sure if you know that already but I am a motorsport enthusiast, I have always been and one of my dream as a child was to become a F1 driver. Well … we all can say that F1 dream is over but I am having great fun and satisfactions driving racing cars on track. One of those cars happens to be a Formula that Annalaura Galeati (2 times in a row Formula SuperJunior champion) let me use this August and a few days ago.

Before that I had the chance to shot some portrait to Annalaura and film her while she was driving her racing car in the historic center of her town, Lugo di Romagna.

We woke up around 4.30 AM to shoot at dawn, the police had closed all the roads to traffic to allow us shooting freely and I was on the back of a car trying to film her without falling down. A great fun but a little scary!

After that we moved inside a museum (if you do not know the story of Francesco Baracca have a look on wikipedia and check the connection to Ferrari) and to an abandoned facility that we used to shot with the car.

It was very very very hot but it was one of the sessions I loved the most, Annalaura is fun, her family is very welcoming and we had a dreamy lunch.

some pics from that July day and the video I made (remember, I am no videomaker at all, this is my first attempt filming, that was a bonus)

and this is me driving her car last August

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