Wedding proposal at San Galgano, Tuscany

The wedding proposal photoshoot are my new obsession.

It’s so fun to find each time different ways to show myself at the time of the proposal without being noticed before, each time we have to setup something new and I love this.

For Patrick & Carina I was trying to hide amongst the tourist wearing a very casual outfit and looking to a random map of tuscany BUT…. it was a friday and all the people went away before Patrick was ready for the proposal. Then I pretended I was shooting the architecture and, step by step, I got close to the couple using my electronic shutter and shooting from my LCD instead of the viewfinder (so completely silent).

Then the magic happened and I revealed myself so we had the chance to take a 15 minutes shooting and they were just perfect. I never had such an higher ratio of keepers from a shooting, they were gorgeous and perfectly at ease in front of a camera.


We had a very strong but nice light and we had the luck to have the location all for ourselves.


here’s the pictures

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