Wedding in San Galgano, Tuscany

as someone might know I have also a side project called Tuscanywed, a sort of joint venture with my colleague Silvia and today I want to show you the pictures I took on our latest wedding.


Carmen & Damun chose Tuscanywed service to have both mine and her style mixed together and, as usual, it was fun and gave us great satisfactions.

The wedding was held in front of San Galgano Abbey and, as you can imagine, this was very emotional and beathtaking, and it was so easy working with Carmen & Damun, they have been really amazing and had a perfect chemistry as you can see from the pictures


I have a special connection to San Galgano, it’s a place that has always fascinated me since I was a kid and I went there to visit the abbey and the country nearby, it was special when I started working as a professional in one of my dream place and now I am really really really satisfied that it has become a constant presence in my job so…… if you need someone that knows the place very well… you know how to contact me (

no more words, I’ll just show you the pictures since I think they speak for themselves 😉


Photographer: Matteo Innocenti

Location: San Galgano Abbey

MUA: Paolo Manciocchi



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