Wedding in Pisa, Tuscany [Matilde & Dario]

I loved this wedding!

Matilde and Dario are a young, beautiful and cool couple that I met about a year ago when they came to my office to hire me,

I felt that we where on the same wavelenght and I was more than sure that it would have been a blast and indeed it was.


I do not shoot many local wedding but this had that “destination wedding” feel that I enjoy the most, both getting ready, ceremony and reception were held at Villa del Lupo in Pisa,

a nice villa close to Pisa airport that offered a lot of spots for my shots, I really had fun there.

The couple was sweet and very cooperative, we had some good laugh and I think we shot some good pictures soooo here they are!


Photographer: Matteo Innocenti

Location: Villa del Lupo 

Music: Fun 2 Funk

Fire  Show: Festile di David Morelli

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