Engagement at sunset in Tuscany

Have you ever tought about having an engagement shooting in Tuscany before your wedding ?

Lots of couples decided to add this service to get more confidence in front of the camera and to have beautiful and romantic pictures as memories but also to be used for their wedding invitation

This florentine couple wanted to arrange the shooting in spring so I suggested to split it in 2 parts:

The first part of the shooting took place in an abandoned medieval mill located in the woods. The couple enjoied the rustic setting of the mill, surrounded by nature and history, while they broke the ice with me.

The second part of the shooting took place on a stunning Tuscan hill close to my studio. As the sun began to set, the light turned a delicate yet intense shade, providing the perfect lighting for the couple’s photographs.

As an experienced Tuscan engagement and wedding photographer, I was able to capture the couple’s love and joy in the breathtaking setting. The sunset provided a romantic and dreamy backdrop for the photographs, which will be treasured memories for the couple as they embark on their journey together.

Overall, the quick engagement shooting was great fun, thanks to the beautiful setting and the couple’s love for each other. It was a perfect way to celebrate their engagement and I have to say they were really a joy to work with

here’s a few pictures

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