My favourite photographer

I’ve been asked many times about my influences in photography and who are the photographers I follow.

To be honest I do not follow any photographer and I do know just some colleague’s work from their FB’s pages

or because we work together sometime.


My main source of inspiration for my works is not a photographer, I think you may know him since his name was

Michelangelo Merisi, called “il Caravaggio” (I think anyone knows him but you can find more info on Wikipedia)

Since I was a teenager I studied the way he used the light on his painting and that’s what keeps inspiring me

when I work on weddings, portrait session or any other kind of photography.


I think that reading art books, getting lost in a museum (ok, I live in Florence, it’s easier for me) and enjoying all the beauty around us is the best way to have the right inspiration for a creative photographer.


just take a look at how Caravaggio used the light and the shadows on these masterpiece, that’s something that makes me proud of my italian art heritage.


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