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Hello guys


I know, when we speak of Tuscany we all think about ancient cities and the beautiful Chianti hills area, that’s what Tuscany is famous for,

But this time I wanna show you a different part of Tuscany and a very nice place to arrange an engagement shooting as Sara and Matteo did:

A quarry in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany.


this is a less know fact about Tuscany is that here there are a lot of marble quarry (also abandoned) with incredible combination of white stone

and green vegetation, I discovered this place 4 years ago and it’s still one of my favourite playground.


I came here to shoot glamour, fashion, engagement and portrait since the white walls are awesome because they turn all the kind of light in a good

portrait light.

this particular shot has been done in the “lake” area of the quarry that I used also for a well known glamour shot I did in 2014.


if you want to plan your dreamy wedding or engagement in one of our beautiful location just go to contact page and let me know!




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