Photo of the day 11/10/16

today I want to share a pictures that mean a lot to me.

this was one of the last work of the previous season and was the one that confirmed that I had to move forward with my style

and have a twist.

From this picture you can see something different from the past stlyle (2015) and I was “planting the seeds” for what became my

actual style which I think is what I was looking for from a long time.


this shot was taken during Alessia and Luca’s engagement in Florence, we had a wonderful time since we started at dawn with a desert florence,

it was almost dark and nobody was there, it was like a dream and I think it’s something you need to see once in a lifetime.

we had a walk from Piazza della Signoria, Uffizi, lungarno, ponte vecchio, palazzo pitti and piazza santa croce, we took a lot of good pictures and mostly

we had a HUGE breakfast in Florence historic centre. I still think this was one of my best works so far.


if you go to the cinemas you will see these places in the new movie Inferno (from Dan Brown’s book)  directed by Ron Howard and with the great Tom Hanks

if you wanna hire me for your engagement, wedding, honeymoon shooting just go to contact page and let me know!




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