From Canada with love: A Rainy Wedding to Remember (Borgo Petrognano, Tuscany)

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Borgo Petrognano, Tuscany, a beautiful canadian couple exchanged vows in a celebration that defied the odds.

The couple, radiant and undeterred by the weather, epitomized the essence of true love as they embarked on their journey together. Surrounded by friends and family, their joy was palpable, casting a warm glow over the rustic Tuscan landscape.

As the rain subsided, the ceremony commenced, brief yet deeply moving. Against the backdrop of rolling hills and vineyards, vows were exchanged, sealing their commitment amidst nature’s embrace. It was a testament to love’s resilience, shining brightly even in the face of adversity.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, guests gathered to bask in the serenity of the Tuscan countryside, sipping on exquisite local wines as they watched the sun gracefully set. The golden hues painted the sky, casting a magical spell over the gathering, a moment frozen in time.

Capturing the essence of the day was a privilege for all involved, particularly for me, having the task to immortalize the couple’s love story. Despite the rush due to the rain, the couple effortlessly exuded elegance and grace, resembling Hollywood stars effortlessly gracing the lens.

Collaborating seamlessly with the talented team at Screenshot Production for the video and the expert planning of Happening, helmed by Mascia and Cassandra, ensured that every moment was flawlessly captured and curated. Their expertise and professionalism made the day seamless, allowing the couple to revel in every precious moment of their special day.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a soft glow over the Tuscan countryside, it marked not just the end of a beautiful day but the beginning of a lifelong journey for the newlyweds. Their love story, written amidst the rolling hills and ancient vineyards of Borgo Petrognano, will forever be etched in their hearts and the memories of all who shared in their joyous celebration.


A delightful twist emerged as friends of the couple, captivated by pictures I shoot, decided to hire me for their own wedding in Borgo Petrognano in 2025.

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