Lovestorm, wedding in Tuscany [Villa Parisi]

I never had shot a wedding under a storm but there’s always a first time !

Michela and Mirko’s wedding was held in October in a beautiful place on the Tuscan coast, Villa Parisi, and I was pretty excited to shoot there, it’s by the sea and I love that area, that’s my place when I need some day off.

It started with a shy sun that became light rain during the getting ready, it was decided to held the ceremony indoor so I stepped in and set the mood cutting all the artificial lights to get a more romantic ambient light.

I always say it’s not the light quantity, it’s all about the quality.

It was a JW ceremony and was quite intense for the couple and the guests, I really loved how the groom let the emotions flow during the ceremony, it was moving.

We had a brief indoor session after the ceremony because it was really raining hard outside but I could use my favourite lights, windows and doors, before moving outside for 5 minutes of break from the rain to shoot some

portrait by the sea.

We head back very soon because we faced something like a monsoon for several hours and it was full of bolts, something incredibly beautiful

I am really happy about the results, I hope you agree with me!

Location: Villa Parisi

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