Wedding at Fattoria La Serra, Tuscany

I was really looking forward to shooting Chiara and Alessandro’s wedding, I like them both so much, they have been really full of enthusiasm during their engagement so I was pretty sure they would have been great during their wedding day.

And the were great indee

I have so many memories from this wedding, from the dream team we had (me, Dario Graziani as second shooter and the great Fabio Bertie from Juniper as videomaker) to the emotions that we felt, from the welcoming families to the love you could see in their eyes.

I really appreciated the way that Alessandro said, even when he was on his own, “how lucky I am that she loves me” many times during the day, I am not even sure he realized it. it came from the heart and it moved me a lot.

Location: La Serra

Videomaker: Juniper Wedding

Music: La Musica Giusta

here’s a few pictures from their wedding

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