Elegant wedding at Villa di Maiano, Tuscany [Siyi & Daniel]

Let’s start from the end this time:

[10:55, 28/10/2019] Siyi: Thank you so much!! They are great!
[10:56, 28/10/2019] Siyi: We are so happy with all the photo!! Amazing 😉

I just delivered this work and I am quite proud since it was a very elegant wedding with a beautiful setting and it was amazingly planned by Giulia Cassini (thanks for your trust Giulia for our first work together!)


I met Siyi and Daniel on a very hot July day and they where very easy to work with, they have always been very pleasant and kind and we where on the same wavelenght so it was pure joy being their wedding photographer.


It was nice to see a mix between chinese culture and british culture, it was really cool getting to know the history of both families and all the anecdotes about the couple and I was impressed by the happy mood of the guests, everybody was smiling all day long, you could sense the happiness in the air.


it was a beautiful day and these are my pictures


Photographer: Matteo Innocenti

Planning: By Cassini

Flowers: Tearose

Location: Villa di Maiano

Service & Lights: Alma Project – 24/7

Catering: Guidi Lenci 

Bride Dress: Morgan Davies Bridal

Bride Shoes: Sergio Rossi

Celebrant: Wedding Docs & More


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