Destination wedding in Casentino, Tuscany [Kristen & Henrik]

“you know, we are so shy, we are not comfortable in front of a camera”


It happens quite a lot to hear this sentence from the couples but, in these years, I’ve learned that it’s not about being shy but mostly about being comfortable with the photographer.

That’s why I always say that I will respect their will, mood and their nature but that it does not worries me so much since I am a stress free photographer and I have my tricks to get the pictures

without forcing anything 🙂


Kristen and Henrik were one of the couples that told me the just wanted to have a quick couple session to enjoy the party, I promised 8 minutes, we did in 5.

With all the pictures we needed.


While having fun.

Making them forget about my presence.


That’s 70% of my job. It’s not just taking some pictures in a beautiful place like Borgo Corsignano in Tuscany, everybody can do that, the most difficult part of my job is connecting with people, understanding their will and mood since I always deal with different couples from different part of the world with different traditions.


anyway, too many words, I am better at taking pictures than writing articles ! 🙂


photographer: Matteo Innocenti

Planning: Happening

Location: Borgo Corsignano

Hair and Make Up: Pamela Leti

Catering: Class

Live Music: Britpops





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