A scottish wedding in San Galgano, Tuscany

As you can see from my recent posts the previous wedding season has been a very happy one and it could not have a better ending than this, a very fun scottish wedding with a lovely ceremony in San Galgano Abbey, Tuscany, followed by a great reception and party at Tenuta di Papena .

I was pretty excited when I knew that Ashleigh and Maurice chose me as their wedding photographer since I never had the chance to be part of a scottish wedding and I was so intrigued by the tartans, the kilts, the traditional knives in their socks and the way they talk, I just love everything about it (that’s why I am actually planning a trip to Scotland in May), I felt it could be a cool wedding and indeed it was.


The day started with Ashleigh getting ready at Relais la Suvera with an amazing make up artist, Pamela Leti, then we headed to the majestic San Galgano Abbey for the ceremony and… what more can I say about this place ? it’s one of the most amazing place in Tuscany and you need to come and see with your eyes.

I guess that being a bride walking down this very long aisle, surrounded by history and your beloved ones, reaching your soon to be husband has to be one of the strongest emotions ever, I really like shooting here since you have the chance to capture the solemnity of a church wedding with the light and mood of a civil or symbolic wedding, I just love the mix.


After the ceremony we shot some couple picture inside and outside the abbey then we moved to the reception held at Villa di Papena where all the fun stuff happended including food, drinks, great music by the waistcoats and a midnight swim by the groom, a great day indeed.


I want to thank Mascia from Happening about this wedding, her planning was just perfect, as usual.


here’s the pictures, after the credits:

Photographer: Matteo Innocenti

Planning: Happening www.happening.it

Location: Tenuta di Papena www.tenutadipapena.it

Make Up: Pamela Leti www.weddinghairandmakeupletipamela.com

Catering: Guidi Lenci www.guidilenci.com

Music: The Waistcoats www.thewaistcoats.com


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