An Indian – Lebanese wedding in Tuscany

Oh what a colorful wedding it was !

Shelly and Farid’s wedding was one of the nicest wedding I had the chance to shoot, it wasn’t just for the nice couple they are,

it wasn’t just for the exotic and colorful ceremony, it wasn’t just for the lovely villa di Lilliano and the amazing setting.

It was, mostly, for their welcoming families.

It was cool to see the people coming from different countries and cultures (Shelly has indian origins while Farid  has lebanese origins)

united for a special day and it was even cooler that they were so welcoming with me and my colleagues, it was really amazing being there that day.


The wedding was celebrated at Villa Medicea di Lilliano and it was, perfectly as usual, planned by Mascia and Cassandra from Happening.

Shelly’s traditional dress was amazing and I loved seeing the emotion rising as soon as we got close to the ceremony.

The ceremony had a mix of indian and lebanese traditions, it was very emotional and there were both laugh and tears involved, it really moved people.

Then we headed for a very quick photoshoot surrounded by paintings and a very quick walk through the tuscan country, it was fun and we got very good pictures that I am happy to share below


Photographer : Matteo Innocenti – MIPstudio

Wedding Planner: Happening 

Videomaker: Dolcevita Wedding Cinema

Flowers: La Bottega dei Fiori Montelupo

Location: Villa Medicea di Lilliano


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