Love, tattoos and a very happy wedding



ok, well. here we go.

it’s Martina and Simone’s wedding time and I’m afraid I can’t be good enough to tell you in simple words how much I cared for their wedding. This time the bride and groom are ones of my closest friends and, yeah, I admid it…..I cried a lot during the ceremony so I had to hide behind my cameras.

I was worried it would not be easy to take pictures to people you care so much but I was also happy that I got to know them through these years so my wedding day started with mixed feelings and a bad storm and heavy clouds on our heads.


the weather gave us a good break and that was a good sign, I found Simone outside his parent’s house with a huge smile on his face (as always) and we started his getting ready.

Then it was Martina’s getting ready time and. between a pet to a cat and a picture taken, I felt a positive vibe that I could enjoy both my job and my friends that day.


Soon we arrived to the ceremony (held at Antico Spedale del Bigallo in Florence) in a beautiful olive tree field where Martina and Simone laughed, cried, kissed and moved us all.

After a good aperitif served by the great staff of Zenzero catering we started the portrait session and this is where I really felt I could take some of my best pictures ever since I had in front of me a couple REALLY in love, confident of their feelings and totally trusting me. I had no excuse, I had to do my very best and I hope I did.

I got a very nice and dramatic light (my favourite) from the ancient medieval windows of the location, I used it for some portrait that I hope kept the mood of that day. They were just perfect in front of my cameras, they did just what they felt they had to do, it was very smooth and we had some good laugh!


I was happy then, I knew I had THE picture of the wedding (more than one this time) and I got confirmation about it since I just won a Nikon 100th anniversary contest with that picture, can you imagine how happy I am about it ?


after the portrait session and a good dinner the party started with some great rock tunes and the guys danced like there was no tomorrow.


it was not just a wedding, it was a party. a party that my friends made special with their spontaneity and love.

well, what can I say ? this was Martina and Simone’s wedding and I am a lucky guy to be able to call them my friends.


Location: Antico Spedale del Bigallo

Catering: Zenzero

Lighting: GB Audio

Bride’s dress: Atelier dei Sogni

Groom’s dress: La bottega del Sarto


here’s a selection of the pictures from their special day

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