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A modern, updated and high level equipment is crucial for a wedding photographer, I spend a lot of money about it every year to have the most useful tools for our job and that’s one of the things that make us getting safer and more confident time after time.


there is a “but”. But what I had to use a digital camera from the “old times” ?

would my photography be so much worse ? would I shot the same kind of pictures ?

Would I be able to shot good pictures without the aid from the last technology ?

I think I can and to prove it I just bought from a colleague one of the first digital full frame cameras from Canon, the Canon 5d Old (mk 1) and a very cheap 50mm f1.8.

This camera was built in 2005, 12 years ago, in technology we are almost talking about the stone age. it has few options, poor dynamic range, poor autofocus, a small-greenish-unsharp LCD and, to be honest, it’s quite ugly and heavy.


By the way I’m a Nikon shooter so everything would be new to me but this is the challenge, this is the fun.

In the next month I will take the cheap gear with me for some shooting and travel (not for my wedding of course!) and will use it as main camera with the tiny 50mm attached, maybe I’ll add a vintage 24mm for some wideangle shot if needed.


I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun even if I’ll have to struggle with an old technology that I’m not used to, I’m confindent I can use it with good results and I will post the pictures every tuesday .


stay tuned for more !






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