My pictures of Fabio Turchi on Sportweek magazine

This saturday a dream came true.

Since I was a kid I was a Sportweek reader, it’s the most important italian sport magazine (, mostly due to the nice interview and amazing pictures that you can find inside.

I recently met Fabio Turchi (, one of the rising star in international boxing and actual Italian Cruiserweight Champion, he contacted me after he saw one of my pictures and we decided to plan a couple of shootings since it could have been nice working together.

A few days ago we did a quick photo session at the gym where he’s training using some speedlite flashes and diffuser since I wanted to give “my” mood to the pictures and using just ambient light wasn’t working for what I had in mind.

In just one hour we got some many good shots that were a lot of fun to edit (I think this was one of my funniest job), Fabio was really easy to deal with, he was very friendly and polite, I must admit that he’s quite different from the “average boxer” and it was great satisfaction working with a champion.

While planning and shooting I had Sportweek in mind, I was thinking that this could have been a good chance, a really good chance, to submit my work and try to have my pictures published.

Once all the pictures were edited I talked to Fabio about it and he was enthusiastic too since we were happy with the results so I submitted the pictures and the idea for the article to Gazzetta dello Sport’s editorial staff and they agreed to go ahead.


what can I say ? this was one of my biggest goal and it has arrived really soon in my career so I will have to look for even higher standards from now on and I’am so prod about it.


Special thanks to:

Fabio Turchi for believing in my project and for being so nice to me, crush’em all “stonecrusher” !

Alessandro for giving me tips about article submitting

Andrea that made me wanna shot combat sports

Cristiano Mazzoni from Sempre Avanti Firenze for introducing me to pro boxing and welcoming at their gym


here’s some pictures from the shooting and from the media 😉

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